Coffee Brewology Syllabus and Event Details

Coffee Brewology Seminars are available at our Medford, MA location. This wildly popular educational event and coffee tasting is great fun for individuals and groups, as well as being a chance to learn in-depth information about the delicious beverage from Heirloom Coffee's expert owner, Len.

Event Details

We are located at 9 Jerome Street, Medford, MA 02155. Click for Map and Directions. The location is a single-story white building with red trim and parking in front.

If you purchased admission and you want to sign up for your seminar date, click here . If you are interested in attending and have not purchased admission yet, please call us at 781-391-2255.

Brewology Event Overview

Basic Vietnamese iced coffee
The Heirloom Iced Coffee Seminar is an exciting and interactive event for any coffee lover. It is a 90-minute "seminar" in which we offer a brief presentation on the history and nature of some of the world's most exclusive and unique coffees, and then interactively create delicious iced coffees using quick and easy methods.

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Our company specializes in importing old-world coffees that descend from original plantings made between the 1500s and circa 1920, mostly in Southeast Asia. The Seminar is intended to introduce attendees to all the remaining 4 commercially produced species of coffee in the world, Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica. Attendees will brew the world's rarest and most expensive coffees for themselves using French Press and Vietnamese Phin Filters.

There is no other coffee experience like this available in the USA today!

Syllabus Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. What are Heirloom Coffees?
    2. Why do we source from Southeast Asia?
    3. What brewing methods will we use, and why?
    4. Is there such a thing as the "best" coffee? (Individual palates are all unique.)
    5. The four commercial species: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica
  2. Meet tonight's coffees
    1. Kopi Luwak (World's most unique and expensive coffee; organic) - from the Philippines
    2. Legendee (simulated Kopi Luwak and regionally famous Vietnamese coffee)
    3. (Endangered) Liberica - Philippines "Barako" coffee (we are the only USA importers)
    4. Excelsa (the 4th species) or other rare coffee such as Myanmar (attendee choice)
  3. Meet our brewing methods
    1. Vietnamese Phin Filter/Brewer - single serving drip
    2. Coffee (French) Press - 3 cup steeping brewer
  4. Let's brew the coffees
    1. Participants will brew their own Kopi Luwak coffee in a French Press
    2. Participants will brew their own Legendee as Vietnamese iced coffee in a traditional Phin brewer
    3. Participants will brew Liberica in the French Coffee Press
    4. Participants will choose a fourth coffee for tasting, such as Excelsa, Sumatra Lintong, rare Myanmar (Burma), Puerto Rican coffee or other choice
  5. Demonstration ends. ~15 minutes for questions and choosing a customized take-home package.
    Each participant gets:
    1. Their choice of a full-sized coffee that is in the genre of what they liked best
    2. One stainless steel Vietnamese Phin filter/brewer
    3. A pre-selected set of samples of coffee from Southeast Asia, including gourmet instant coffees and one-pot sample sizes of brewing coffees
    4. A coupon with a 15% discount for a future purchase
    5. A 25% discount on any coffees purchased at the event

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